Electrolysis permanent hair removal

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Helping to prepare for gender affirmation surgery

Aivilo electrolysis clinic provides permanent hair removal for people preparing for gender affirming surgeries such as vaginoplasty (penile inversion/minimal depth/penile preservation/peritoneal pull through), metiodioplasty and phalloplasty.

A detailed description from your surgeon stating the areas to be treated and the amount of hair to be removed (ideally a photograph) should be brought to consultation.

You should plan for the treatment to take from 9 months to 2 years. This is based on the amount of hair you have, your tolerances and ability to attend clinic frequently. The number of hours treatment required will depend how much hair you have and how much the surgeon requires clearing. As a guide work to an average of 40 hours. If the surgery is through the NHS, then hair removal is usually fully funded.

Please do not remove the hairs or come shaven for treatment.

Initially we will be working towards first full clearance, then allowing time for the next hair cycle to grow through, clear again and repeat. You will need to be three months hair free before Nichola will write to your surgeon to confirm that hair removal has been completed successfully.

Local anaesthetic can be provided at an additional cost. This is payable two weeks in advance of your appointment direct to the GP. This payment is non refundable.

Treatments are £90 per hour session. Funded and private clients welcome.

Cancellation Policy

This strict policy has been implemented due to an increasing problem with last minute cancellations. Three working days notice must be give to cancel or re-arrange appointments. If the appointment is longer than 45 minutes then four days notice must be given. In order for another client to be in a position to take a cancelled appointment they will need sufficient time to grow their hair. Quite often 48 hours is not enough. Failure to give sufficient notice may result in charges.

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